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  • 2011Laredo ·
    hey mario...I registered..just a quick can I post says no attachments...I am not good with stuff like this...can you assist...btw great site!
    xjrob ·
    Whats up man, hows everything up there. I heard that you guys got a lil snow up there, i get ur dads truck is doin good in the white stuff. My grandmother tells me that you helped her out the other day and talk ever so often, i appreciate that alot and its cool that she know someone else from the block who is also cuban. Well hope all is good for your and ill be up there soon so hang tight and talk to you later bro, and have a Happy New Year.
    xjrob ·
    oye acere what happened yesterday, i was waitin for you to call me. i saw lennys truck inside the lot but you werent there. let me know when you wanna have me check out the benz. ill be back on tuesday.
    DJ BoNiOmArIo ·
    it's the beetle turbo that comes stock from the factory ... it also has a tune and that's pretty much it LOL ... I like to say I would race in the beetle cuz it's just freaking hillarious ... did that last year and it was good comic entertainment
    Raymond ·
    Hi Mario,
    I've just been in contact with Nick and he tells me that he has been banned from this site.
    After carefully looking at what was going on at Street Jeeps last week I came to the conclusion that the problems lie with the new owner Rob. As the week went on I became more and more depressed with what was happening with the forum. I thought to myself well if I am getting this depressed how must Nick be feeling. I contacted him and found out that he is absolutely devastated about Street Jeeps decline. He said that he felt that he should never have sold it and that he had lost a lot of friends. He contacted me today advising of his being banned from here and how deeply hurt he felt.
    I don't think he deserves that and if you think about it weren't we all happy with Street Jeeps under Nick's control. The problems only started after he relinquished that control.
    I'll talk to Scott and see what can be worked out.
    Thanks for listening,
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