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  • dayne66 ·
    I would like to request a name change. Dayne66 ....Dayne is my last name. My Wife is the business manager at a FCA dealer and I am having issues with my JGC and it is causing her problems at work. FCA and Jeep Cares in Canada are not very helpful and I am having new issues every few thousand kms. The dealer principal thinks I am being too picky thinking that my $70,000 Jeep shouldn't vibrate.....or shake....or have a nav that ....navigates......etc ...etc. Please change my user name to FLHXSE3.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration, Dan.
    ianomalley ·
    That's hilarious. I've become mildly obsessed with the SRT8, especially the 2010, and of the zillion reviews on read on the web, yours was by far the most entertaining and comprehensive. There's a nerdy guy on YouTube that does a review that's pretty funny and worth a watch. So I have a number of questions about this vehicle, and by reading your review, I see we have the same sense of humor. It would take forever via email though. So I tell ya what...You're obviously familiar with my work....How about I trade you a tune and dedication of your choice, and you answer all my goofball questions. Thoughts? For some reason I've been having issues with the inbox system with this site, so would be easier going regular email if you're agreeable. I'm at [email protected]
    Thanks for the response. Appreciated...Ian
    ianomalley ·
    Hey RP...Excellent review on the STR8! I was hoping to ask you a question or two. I'm in NYC as well, and if you like rock, you've probably heard my radio show at some time... I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks! Ian
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