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  • toontanic ·
    Hi Mate

    Looks like your the man to go to for expert advice on supercharging the HOs, I have a Paxton Novi 1000 and may get my hands on a Kennebell as well. Are you up for a bit of Q & A by chance ? Heres my build thread so far Shockwave WJ -


    AV8WJ ·

    I bought aPaxton Novi 1000 frm Jeep0086 -JF. What compression would you do for 10-13 psi boost? I am completely a newb at this but def want to learn more. I have the Paxton setup, SCAT Rods, Water Meth, 2800 Stall TC , Comp Cams, HO Crankshaft. Still to get are Pistons, ARP Bolts,Sharadon Trans.

    Appreciate your help. Thanks man. Also planning to get a hood scoop as well.
    scjeep4.7HO ·
    I don't know much about hypertech, but it doesn't mention anything about transmission control. Superchips does have some options there. I would probably go with Superchips.
    scjeep4.7HO ·
    On our type of engine control called (speed density) I really don't think you need to worry about the relearn like on some models. Unless you have some big change like cams, supercharger/turbo, bigger injectors or what not it will be fine. I would always recommend going to a cooler T-STAT. I run a 180* T stat from JET part # 10177
    yetjeep ·
    Thank you much. That helped a lot. i am planning on getting a new TB and i saw superchip does not have TB relearn. what would u recommend out of the venders or superchip or hypertech thank you
    scjeep4.7HO ·
    Superchips is a good tuner for stock vehicles (if you don't plan on adding more mods in the future). It has good transmission control where SCT has better engine HP/TQ but doesn't have transmission control yet. Also check and see what, (but they don't list everything that they can tune. If you wanna go this route contact [email protected] and tell him Richie sent you. He is a tuner and a seller of SCT products. Here is a link directly to the superchips jeep tuner.
    There may be a few that I have missed. I know there is a verndor here that does tunes too, I think it's MHP or something. Check out the vendor section here.
    yetjeep ·
    I have researched the SUPERCHIPS FLASHPAQ for the wk 4.7 and some shops have said it can actually have loss in torque or hp. I am only going to be pulling snowmobiles is it worth buying if just for performance upgrad
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