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  • BluRibicon ·
    Hi Scottina. I just completed the level 3 Membership. Here is the information on the Jeep JLUR I have on order. Thanks Much for this service.
    Jeep JLUR Wrangler Ocean Blue
    VIN - 1C4HJXFG4JW251776
    VON - 41846164


    May 19 2018 Purchase agreement
    5/22 VIN - 1C4HJXFG4JW251776
    5/22 D Status
    5/23 VON - 41846164
    6/2 D1 Status all parts received for manufacturing
    6/8 D1
    SpeedyV ·
    Scott, I just joined as a Level 3 member and sent you a PM. Will you send me tracking info? Thanks in advance! Aaron
    RyanLane ·
    Hi Scottina06,
    I just Joined as a level 4 Member. Ordered a 2019 Ram on 5/7.18. Would like to see order Tracking. How does this work? VIN: 1C6SRFHT7KN595734. Thanks! Ryan
    202snowman ·
    Hi Scott,

    New member here at Level 3. Ordered a 2019 Ram 1500 Limited, VIN 1C6SRFHT6KN595529 and would like to track it's build. How do I go about that?

    Great site!
    GhostRyder ·
    Hi Scott,
    I have recently became a JG member at Level IV. Will I get order tracking information sent to me automatically or do I have to go to a certain link for it?
    I ordered a 2019 RAM 1500 Laramie QC May 7th.
    VIN 1C6SRFDT1KN595735
    VON 41677955
    Thanks for your help
    Steinbvg ·
    Hi Scott. A new member. Big fan of GC SRT and TRACKHAWK. When you got your Mopar quad diffuser and hitch cover, how did they look unpainted? A lot of blemishes?
    I have a black car, I thought in that area mate/ dull look might be more aggressive+ match to other dull plastic trim parts . Besides it,s quite an exposed / potentially abused area ( some other cars have their diffusers unpainted)
    So just wanted your opinion, sir.
    Circlep ·
    Just paid for level III membership. Please add me to the tracking sheet. I order 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 2dr on 4/24/18, VIN:1C4GJXAG9JW233003 last track in KZ but no info if it has shipped according to jeep chat.
    Bozzy4 ·
    Hi Scott,
    I am not sure where to go with this but I recently paid a member (tonytanaka) for a cargo cover and it was never sent. I have emailed and messaged him with a response that he broke his foot and his wife would put it in the mail. That has not happened and it was 2 weeks ago. I am going to contact Paypal as well to see if they can do anything. Again I am not sure if this is the right avenue to go but I am out money and have no cargo cover. Thanks in advance for any help.
    kensampson ·
    Hi Scott,

    I have all my bolts off my front bumper on my TH do you know how to pull bumper loose from the fender area? I don't want to break anything. thanks
    kajmcbride ·
    I just joined as a Premium 3 member and am intrested in tracking. I ordered a Jeep Rubicon JLU on 6 January 2018 From Dennis Dillon Jeep VON: 40777527, VIN 1C4HJXFG8JW146125. My address is Post Office Box 144, Dyer Nv. 89010, Kevin McBride.

    Versys ·
    Just noticed you're in Berea. I'm going to Lexington this weekend to finish repairing my 06 WK 3.7 Nag1. If you could take a look at her one day early next week and let me know what other work to do, or if you just wanna shoot the shit and talk Jeeps and basketball, let me know.
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