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  1. Trailhawk skid plate pics

    I thought leaving that hole opened there was stupid also I put a cover on it.
  2. Software Update Over-the-Air

    My 2014 Summit just did the 18.43.01 OTA update. I dont see any difference though wonder what it did
  3. Source of HEMI Cam Failure....

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    I've been using pennzoil ultra platinum synthetic 5w20 in my 2014 5.7 every 5k instead of the recommended 10k since new. If the cam goes to shit doing that then the engine is a poorly designed piece of crap and maxcare better pay it. Just been way too many failed items on this vehicle.
  4. transfer case help!!

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    There were multiple, the receipts have C0037-2F C0037-1D U1417 I pulled another before I took it in I dont remember what it was though. They had a hell of time trying to figure it out, I had about 3 weeks of rental cars on maxcare for the whole fiasco.
  5. transfer case help!!

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    On my 2014 summit the service 4wd light and ABS light ended up being caused by one of the rear wheel sensors not making consistent contact. They had to tear apart the rear hub and replace the damaged area. It went back 4 times and they replaced a bunch other stuff before they figured it out...
  6. Need recommendations - Turn signals and more

    For 2014 these are about the only ones that work without resistors. The first generation were junk but 2nd generation are stable I've been running them about 6 months with no issues in my 2014. True Error Free Red 3157 Brake / Tail / Turn Signal LEDs Fits: Jeep Grand Cherokee & SRT models |...
  7. Where to find TSB and Recall information

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Why did the wk2jeeps site stop posting TSBs last year. Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 - 2011-2019 Grand Cherokee Service Bulletins and Recalls
  8. New WK2 for me - advice on multiple areas please!!

    Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    NOVA usually means Northern Virginia the land of stress and anxiety.
  9. Windshield Replacement

    The acoustic windshield on summit started in 2015 our 2014s dont have acoustic windshields.
  10. 2014 WK2 Transfer Case Failure

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Well all lights back on tonight and back to the clowns for the 4th time on this tomorrow. I bet it is the T case.
  11. 2014 WK2 Transfer Case Failure

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    So after 3 trips and replacing sensors, wires and modules they have no idea how to fix the service 4wd, ABS and traction lights staying on they said. Said they have to get some expert. hmm glad I have Maxcare and the rentals this is going into 2 weeks. I think rental cars alone have paid for my...
  12. 2014 WK2 Transfer Case Failure

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    The others in the area are worse so staying with this one for now. They have been giving me the 4 door ram pickups with hemi for rentals and I have stuff to haul this weekend so I can make use of it.
  13. 2014 WK2 Transfer Case Failure

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Picked up the Jeep this morning again and they said a loose connector from the first repair, got 10 miles down the road and same lights back on again. Back to the dealer for a third try on this.
  14. 2014 WK2 Transfer Case Failure

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Well that didn't last long service 4wd and ABS light is back. Roll the dice and back to the dealer tommarow.
  15. Hemi: better resale value?

    Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    When I bought my V8 Summit a couple years ago the price of the V8 was $2695. But that $2695 for the V8 also included ELSD, HD Brakes, HD Cooling and the more heavy duty 8HP70 ZF made transmission. I suppose it depends on what you intend to use the jeep for but for me on a 55k vehicle all those...