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  1. Grand Willys project

    Members Rides
    Awesome man, glad to see you're still working on this build. I remember when it started in 2011 and I was like how the heck is this gonna come together. But like anything, with som time, effort and patience anythings possible I guess haha. Almost there now, think she'll be on the road this...
  2. SRT Sepia Downunder

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    nice man! That sepia is sahhweeeeetttt! But did you mod the steering column . . . It's on the wrong side?
  3. what kind of diff do I have lol

    Technical Tips/DIY/How-To
    Yeah what jjt250 would be your best bet, retain the OEM Jeep diffs and Id imagine the swap is pretty being as the chassis mounts would all be the same and the electronics would likely not be a huge issue being WK -> WK. Plus you could probably find some for pretty cheap through a...
  4. '08 srt8

    Grand Cherokee SRT8 - WK
    Congrats, look sleek. Have fun with that thing!
  5. 2009 Jeep GC SRT Steering issue

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    ^x2, or possibly some leaking inside the rack. Its only to the right? Specific to any input or speed, or all the time, all conditions? could also be various suspension issues, check tire pressure, alignment, any ball joints etc.
  6. '12 & '13 Owners - Class action suit against Jeep

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Good things come to those who wait ;) But really the only reason this guy is going after this CA suit is because he wants a 2014 but likely cannot make it work due to his "undervalued" 2012. Well if he would have done some homework or had some patience, he likely wouldn't be in this predicament...
  7. Unloading new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT! 04

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Congrats, bet thats a good feeling!
  8. 2014 Max Steel SRT

    Members Rides-Showoff
    Awesome color and I'm liking the wheels. Also good call on the no dealer detail, gotta do the first one right to set her up for the future ;) Congrats, I'm officially jealous!
  9. Two days in a BMW X5 50i

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Nice post for a nice looing rig. Im not a huge BMW guy, never owned one,drove a few M3's from different eras, but I like the newer X5's with the fatboy's out back. They look and sound good and Im sure overall are great quality vehicles.
  10. Its finally here. Deep cherry red

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Awesome man congrats! Where in Philly are you located? Im in UCity, would love to come check the beast out and snap some photos with my DSLR which I can of course then send to you ;)
  11. Grand Willys project

    Members Rides
    This is AMAZING! This build has truly been one for the books. The craftsmanship and creativity and just every little detail makes you truly appreciate the time it takes for custom builds like this. This is gonna be one top notch ride. Keep the photos coming!
  12. two GOOD sources are telling me......

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    x2 - Whats the rush. At this point in Jeeps life, they should focus on build quality and putting out some truly unique and capable vehicles compared to say 5+ years ago when Id say that was not nearly the case. Dont get me wrong, I love my WK and Jeeps have always been reliable, but the stuff...
  13. Top Gear features the srt8!

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Rutledge is a bum, total disgrace to the show and car world. Plus the '14 SRT would've run that RR closer. Nie trucks all around and I didn't know Lingenfelter messed with Escalades but why not I guess haha. All in all, a solid episode of a crappy show.
  14. WTB: 06-07 SRT8 Front Bumper

    SRT8 Only For Sale/Wanted
    I have a slightly damaged OEM cover off an 06. I bought it used and it still needs minor body work on the lower corner. I can email you pics if you want, just pm your email.
  15. 2013 & 2014 Jeep SRT gearing comparison

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    I def know where youre coming from and the power it takes to really keep pushing at those speeds. That said this thing is geared right and I think from the factory has a limiter on it. Not sure if its a fuel cut or what but the guy mentioned they had tuned it up to remove limiter. He may very...
  16. SRT8 SLOW-Motion snow launch (120fps)

    I cannot load the plug-in. I dont think its me, anyone else have an issue? I wanna seeeee it!
  17. 2013 & 2014 Jeep SRT gearing comparison

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Right. I was just doing a very rough comparison of the 5speed theoretical TS compared to its actual and then transferring that over to this 8speed. I know it wont do 230 haha, but I do forsee it running well into the 190s, maybe 200 with some aero work and some bolt ons :D
  18. FS/WTT: 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7L HEMI

    Jeep Stuff For Sale
    x2 - smart man. There are a lot of suckers and low-ballers out there and its not your job to make sure they get a fair deal, just to make sure you feel you got your moneys worth. GL w/ the sale - BUMP
  19. Anyone really knowledgeable about throttle bodies

    Performance Modifications
    hmmmm, I too love little projects and tinkering around with stuff, but it seems to me your best bet would be to call up whomever you bought it from and send it back and have them replace it with the correct one. I do not see any issue since you said "the internet dealer did not mark it...
  20. 2013 & 2014 Jeep SRT gearing comparison

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    I assume that 230+mph is in a vacuum seeing as its 180+ on the old SRT where it would gear out at like 168mph I think it was. So I wouldn't doubt we could possibly see near 200mph in this thing. How awesome would that be, the first factory Jeep to 200mph!
1-20 of 485 Results