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  1. Foldaway Mirrors w/ switch operation

    Nifty little mod there Tilla. That's a hell of a find at that price.
  2. New Brakes, Painted Calipers, Plastidip

    Came out nice! Enjoyed the progression pics.
  3. Ram Medic Hood V2 pics

    Thanks! Yeah I'm going if they'll have us. Can't comment to that since I didn't buy one. What I know is I bugged Chad forever to do this hood as did others and until Paul became a vendor on the other site and got a group buy going it wasn't happening. Maybe Chad can chime in if this isn't the...
  4. Ram Medic Hood V2 pics

    Thanks all! I appreciate the nice words.
  5. Ram Medic Hood V2 pics

    Got the hood on the look. Thanks Black Ops, CBD, and Paulie.
  6. Talk About Anything - WK1/SRT8

    Grand Cherokee SRT8 - WK
    Goodlooking F150 Out!
  7. Talk About Anything - WK1/SRT8

    Grand Cherokee SRT8 - WK
    Love that cover bro...I've had one for awhile now. I bought my beast used with 17K miles and the cover looked like it had been on there for 100K. You putting it on yourself?
  8. Talk About Anything - WK1/SRT8

    Grand Cherokee SRT8 - WK
    So till...what billet piece arrived? Got my shirts too...pretty nice. Still can't believe there really isn't any really nice SRT logo type gear out there. And dude post those pics of your new tees but make sure some hotty is modeling:D
  9. Scuff rotor or not

    Used emery cloth like Rob mentioned and got em all nice and clean. Went back with the same pads I was running before - Posi Quiet semi metallic. Hardly any dust and not a huge drop off in stopping power compared to the brembos.
  10. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!! Medic V2 COMPLETE!!! PICS!!!!!!!!

    Black Ops Auto Works
    Outstanding Chad!...thanks Paulie for posting...can't wait for #6 (mine) to roll off.:)
  11. Black Ops 2011 Jeep grand Cherokee CF Started!!

    Black Ops Auto Works
    Cool Chad, if you make a CF center exhaust piece I may buy a new srt :D. Maybe it's my laptop but I can't view the pics.
  12. Scuff rotor or not

    Thanks Soon and Scott....figured it probably wouldn't affect much either way but I'm with you Scott might as well get the crud off. Probs respray the rotors while I'm there lol.
  13. Scuff rotor or not

    Hey guys I'm changing my front pads this weekend, the rotors are fine, no grooves or anything that would require a turning. Just wondering what you thought about lightly sanding or wire wheeling otherwise good rotors when replacing pads? Make a difference? Waste of time? Thanks
  14. SRT Group webchat with Ralph Gillies and the SRT Engineers 9/1/2011 at 6PM edt

    SRT Group webchat with Ralph Gillies 9/1/2011 at 6
    That's sweet Scott...should be an interesting discussion.
  15. Exhaust Suggestions?

    Engine Performance/Superchargers/Turbos
    ^^+1. Had four systems now :eek: including stock and couldn't agree more...good choice cobra.
  16. Damn it's hot!

    Grand Cherokee SRT8 - WK
    Yikes man! How long is the hot season? What thermostat you running?
  17. Damage not disclosed by my dealer

    Grand Cherokee SRT8 - WK
    Geez dude that blows...hopefully it'll all get fixed. I've had both my front and rear bumper "reconditioned" after I was rearended. Some place here heats em up and takes all the paint off and removes all the dents, and they come out like new. If it's actually torn they should replace the bumper...
  18. Crazy lookin' Hennessy Jeep SRT8

    Grand Cherokee SRT8 - WK
    A swing and a miss IMO. Only thing I marginally like is the steering wheel.
  19. My CUSTOM SRT8 door moldings FINALLY done

    Wow! Saw these on the other site but not up close....these look so much better than what the high dollar designers at Jeep came up with! Maybe you missed your calling:D Perfect moulding mod I've seen yet.
  20. Paint work part2

    Looks good...clean looking beast all the way around!
1-20 of 48 Results