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  1. Transmission Fluid Change 3.7 V6

    Grand Cherokee - WK
    Is there any info or videos on the 3.7 (V6) transmission fluid change I only see it for the bigger engines
  2. 2005 Grand Cherokee 3.7 Headlight Relay

    The Garage
    Where is the headlamp (low beam) relay on this Jeep, I can't find it even searching online for the 05 Under Hood / Dash ?? Thanks
  3. 2005 Grand Cherokee grinding noise

    Changed brakes and rotors and wet away for me
  4. P0481 - Electronic Control Fan Code

    P0481 - Electronic Control Fan Code 2005 Jeep V6 (3.7) Could this just be the fan control relay ? Where is located in the 2005 Any one else have this issue, or fix this as I am not running hot, sounds like fan is running
1-4 of 4 Results