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  1. All terrain tire for HA/Summit

    I've had Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires in the stock size on my Summit for almost 40k miles. Daily drive is 50 miles, mostly highway. No issues and I like having the peace of mind in the snow and any sort of mild offroading. Now that Toyo makes the Open Country AT2 in the stock size, I'll...
  2. Unexpected finds on your GC?

    Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    My unexpected find? Rust on the front lip of the hood that is apparently a huge problem with GCs and Pacificas... I have my ipod plugged in to the USB and stashed in the little upper shelf of the under radio cubby. Perfect spot for it that still lets you use the lower section for other...
  3. KL Purchase from Koons

    2014+ Cherokee-KL
    Google "Koons Jeep group buy". There is a thread on this forum about it. Get 5% below invoice on a new cherokee, but you must special order. My mom did it last fall. Salesman was a bit impersonal and rushed, but she got a good deal on the exact jeep she wanted and the special order took less...
  4. Getting stuck / towed out

    Grand Cherokee - WK2 - I put this on my '14 Summit a year or so ago. I used a hole saw to drill two holes, then cut out the section between them with a utility knife. Only needed a hole about 3-4 square inches to slide the shaft of the tow ring...
  5. Side View Mirror

    Tech Tips/DIY/How To
    Mine was rattling like crazy and this was the problem. The indicator light in the mirror is loose and rattles with the bass or when I close the door. I jammed a piece of rubber in the crack to temporarily silence it, but ill eventually throw some rtv in there for a more permanent solution...
  6. 60,000 mile service quote

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Good to know the cost of that stuff. I saved myself all that money just doing the fluids myself. I did the service on both diffs and transfer case and it only took a few hours. Make sure you change the Tcase fluid while you're at it.
  7. Quadralift lowering/leveling/lifting Links DIY

    Tech Tips/DIY/How To
    Wow, their price went down $100 from when I started this thread. I may have just paid $200 for the links if that was the price at the time. :lol:
  8. Heavy duty brakes

    Congrats on bumping a 6 year old thread.
  9. Lexani Slayer AT Review?

    Honestly, I wouldn't trust their wheels, let alone their tires.
  10. 2018 Sterling Archer build

    Members Rides-Showoff
    Wheels, tires, and flares look great together. Nice work.
  11. GC near miss in Toronto van attack

    Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    Cool? I saw a GC on the way to work today. Plus I was driving one.
  12. Auxiliary lights ideas

    Rigid has square and rectangular DOT approved driving/fog lights that would be perfect for that location. They have a very narrow horizonal beam that won't blind oncoming traffic if aimed correctly. On my WJ, I replaced the factory round fog lights with PIAA LP530 that had the same narrow...
  13. Liftgate/Cargo LEDs how to change

    I had zero issues popping the lenses off the two hatch lights.
  14. Grand Cherokee Warming-Up / Defrosting

    Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    Steering wheel heats up very quickly and is nice and warm. I think mine turns itself off after like 15 minutes. I've never had it get uncomfortably hot. Heated seats take forever to warm up. Even with remote start idling for 5 minutes, the seats are bone chilling cold when I get in and take...
  15. Help choosing between Summit and HA

    Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    I can't believe they got rid of the black suede pillars and headliner in the Summit. That alone would push me towards the High Altitude. I hate dark colored interiors with light colored headliners, I've had too many used cars with stains in the lighter trim. Does the Summit still have gold...
  16. Patience

    2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    You mean the fender flares won't fall off these after like 2 months?
  17. 1st one at dealership? Say What

    2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    The Audi RS3 has carbon ceramic rotors in the front only. I'd say that's weirder.
  18. Using google maps with the radio

    If you have an iphone and have the options shown above, unclick the "play voice over bluetooth" slider. That means when your car is connected, the nav voice will still play through the phone speakers. Android version got rid of that option for some reason.
  19. What inspired you to choose the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

    Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    Went to the Outer Banks about 10 years ago and rented a Jeep to drive on the 4x4 beach in Corolla. Absolutely had a blast. While I was down there, I saw a few lifted Cherokees that looked pretty awesome, so I looked them up when I got home. When I found that I could get one for like $5k, I...

    What other buttons? The ones I need are either already on the taskbar or under the settings button. I didn't know you could move buttons down to the taskbar, so I have things organized a little better now. But I'd much rather be able to move the apps button all the way to the right side of...
1-20 of 380 Results