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  1. Change red seat belts to black?

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Good to know. Thanks guys... Working on deal for one now.
  2. Thinking about a 2018

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    I'm thinking about getting back into a 2018 SRT. Trying to find a dealer left over or used with under 5,000 miles. Any ideas on what pricing they are going for now with the 2019's coming out? I'm also a bit confused on what will be happening in 2020, is it likely there will be an SRT refresh or...
  3. Change red seat belts to black?

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Thinking about getting back into my 3rd SRT. Been looking at some 2018's but a lot have red seat belts has anyone changed the seat belts to black? Any idea how difficult and costly?
  4. Any of you guys use a Phone mount?

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Just drove 3,000 miles with one of these: TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder for Smartphones including iPhone 6, 6S, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories Works great and looks clean without a big clunky mount sticking out. Only downsize...
  5. Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway Through Uconnect

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Electronic Modification
    Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It | WIRED
  6. What Tire size would fit my 2014 SRT instead of 295/45R20?

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    I just got some Generals put on yesterday from discount tire. I think it was about $860 out the door for all 4. They look good and feel pretty nice so far. 295/45/20
  7. Replace Battery Yet?

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Has anyone replaced their battery yet? I have a 2012 which is now about 3 years and 3 months old and the battery died on me twice. I think I'll attempt to trickle charge it again but was also thinking of picking up a new one from Autozone. I was reading the WK2's have AGM batteries which I...
  8. Is it coming or is it BS?

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    That's interesting, I've brought my car into the dealer twice for leaking oil and they said it was due to a faulty oil filter. I wonder if they are putting the wrong filter on it. I'll change it myself this time and see if there is a part number on it.
  9. CFR HOOD Bring it back or NOT Group Buy!

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    I may get in on this before the 1st.... Will these fit all 2012 - 2015's? What is involved for install? Do they come with hood latches and pre drilled holes for struts? CF is clear coated?
  10. 2012 to 2014 or wait?

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Well, I paid 1% under invoice when purchasing in 2012. At the time it was one of the better deals anyone was getting. Out the door the car was $63k, probably more like $59k without tax. 3 years later, I see most 2012's on AutoTrader and Ebay are selling for around $47,000 - $50,000 2014's are...
  11. Garmin GPS watch and Navigation....

    Thats really interesting. I say try it and see what happens! I can't imagine it doing anything too bad to it. I'd check to see what version your on now though and then what version it displays after (if there is an option to see that somewhere).
  12. 2012 to 2014 or wait?

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    I'm thinking about selling my 2012 and possibly upgrading to a 2014 is there any reason to wait? When can the next "refresh" be expected? Will it be 2016 or later? The hellcat may also be an option but not enough details out on that yet and I think im over buying new cars, I'd like to find...
  13. Finally Got Her Done (For Now) - Photos

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Looks nice. I have the same laser jammers, how is that mounting location working for you? Have you tested it? I'm not sure where I want to put mine but I believe you generally want them up closer to the headlights. I guess you had to cut a hole to fit them there?
  14. 2013 SRT8 Alpine

    WK2 SRT Showoff
    Looks great. Did you vinyl wrap the trim yourself? I attempted it but couldn't find a good way to cut the vinyl without cutting the car. I decided to plastidip the trim instead which turned out ok but would still prefer vinyl. You should only need 1 coat, 2 max of glossifier by the way. As long...
  15. Cost to paint roof black?

    Thanks. I've vinyled one of my other cars but think paint looks better No, just purely cosmetic. Looks a bit more agressive in my opinion.
  16. Cost to paint roof black?

    Has anyone had their roof painted black by a body shop? I'm thinking about doing this but wondering about how much it will cost.
  17. Carbon Fiber Warped in Hot Sun

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Yeah, I also have a 2012 with an oil leak and the CF warping. I actually already brought it in for these 2 things last year but it happened again. I'm pretty sure the carbon fiber problem was recalled. When they replaced mine the first time though they only did some pieces and now the ones...
  18. 2014 LED Brake Light Swap to 2011/2012/2013

    Anyone ever attempt this yet?
  19. Carbon Fiber Warped in Hot Sun

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Just hit 8k miles and mine started coming up. Oil also started leaking yesterday.
  20. 2013 SRT Track Experience schedule released!

    Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Anyone know if they are using the new cars? wk2 srt?
1-20 of 189 Results