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  1. WK Spare Tire Carrier

    Off Road Modifications
    Here are some, probably not what you are looking for of some closeups but here it is in action at least. It has been great. I think my biggest problem is that with 180 lbs of fuel/fuel cans and spare tire hanging off of it, and they way I drive this thing off road... I don't think building it...
  2. Climate Control NO air output...Why?

    The blower motor has a constant B+ provided by the same run start relay as the ORC. Ground is provided through the control head. Sent from my SCH-I500
  3. Climate Control NO air output...Why?

    Could be, it could probably be a couple things, but like I said in my pm, this 1 relay explains both of your symptoms, the only thing that would fully solidify my suggestion would be if you could pull the codes, I'm sure you have a run start performance code, and no communication with the ORC...
  4. Climate Control NO air output...Why?

    Nope... That one is under the hood, the one I'm talking about is the interior fuse pannel. Sent from my SCH-I500
  5. 2004 Liberty Cooling Fan!

    Troubleshooting/Problems Discussion
    ultimately I would want to send power and ground directly to the fan and test the fan. The fan could be your problem.
  6. Climate Control NO air output...Why?

    I clearly stated I felt you needed a new junction block, that would be the repair. An ignition switch would not cause the airbag light, but this relay not working would cause all your symptoms... And as I also stated, the relay is internal, out may be something if you were good with...
  7. Climate Control NO air output...Why?

    I think you need a junction block, the interior fuse panel... There is an internal non replaceable ignition run-start relay that feeds power to the blower motor and the ocm (airbag related) causing the airbag light... With the key on gently tap on the junction block with something hard and you...
  8. White smoke sometimes on start? 5.7

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Great pictures, I'm picking up what you putting down, good luck with the repair process! Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  9. Heater problem

    Check your coolant level, if your losing coolant you will have nothing in your heater core to have great pulled from. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  10. White smoke sometimes on start? 5.7

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Valve stem seals would be blue smoke, white is moisture which H2O being a byproduct of normal combustion gases paying through the catalyst it is not uncommon to see ANY car smoke white, especially with temps dropping. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  11. Transmission Shudder

    Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    This is a known issue and is a software issue not a hardware issue. The problem is the torque converter going into full lockup when it should really not be in full lockup. This is typically noted when the engine is loaded under light throttle apply, light enough that it doesn't kick down, this...
  12. Diff Cover Removal - 60K Service

    Grand Cherokee - WK
    Again to bikemobile I have an 06 srt8 at work with 50k miles on it current owner has had it about 15k miles and 3 years or so, metal in front and rear diffs, hums like a mother, the point of a service is you not get to the limit if the fluid, because once the limit is reached changing the...
  13. RRO lvl kit + 17" Unique 297's + 265/75/17 Gen.Grabbers

    Off Road Modifications
    The further away from the center line of the wheel the weights are the better they will do at balancing. Period. He was being truthful. Beyond that the pictures are not showing up on my phone very I am sure it looks stellar ;) Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  14. Any snowmobilers out there?

    The Garage
    When I was in Alaska I rode a ski doo grand touring 500 all winter... it was WAY better than the other options, being a OLD air cooled skidoo and an old yahama aircooled sled. Boy do I miss it! We were considering staying another year and the wife was all for me buying a sled for myself...
  15. 2005 Cherokee Misfire and using coolant??

    That is a HUGE stretch with 100k miles on it... that is ALOT of extra money, I have yet to see a coolant consumption issue that would EVER lead to an entire engine, especially one that works just fine but overheats occationally. It would be another thing if it ran until it stopped or made a...
  16. What was your very first car?

    The Garage
    So can we credit this car for your red obsession? Can we call the srt "porno red" because honestly (if you were single) its much more fitting on the srt anyway ;)
  17. What was your very first car?

    The Garage
    She sure isn't much but its what got me tinkering on cars, a 92 Ford Escort LXE (4 door GT), 4 wheel disc brakes, Mazda powered (eventually, turbo Mazda powered as it was in this photo). The thing was beat to crap so the hood, bumper and trunk even though they are grey were MUCH better than what...
  18. Relwarc gets a DD

    The Garage
    you can take sweet pictures like that... the cavi and the srt ;)
  19. Will these rub?

    Off Road Modifications
    perks of working for a dealer I was able to get a matching 255/75 17 matching BFG MT to match my others worn to 50% +/- ... I had to cut the crap out of my hitch, AND air down the tire... and even then the wheel/tire hangs down and is sollidly wedged where it is.
  20. FREE: READ! JeepGarage 4sale forum

    Jeep Stuff For Sale
    well the other one turned into mullet wearing obese nerds, so we can keep this the ego stroking post :cool: Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
1-20 of 187 Results