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  1. P0128- 2011 GC Overland 5.7

    Update: Changed out the temp sensor and that corrected the issue. As far as the bad ECT, I’ve never seen an ECT sensor made completely of plastic?
  2. Waxed to a mirror finish.

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  3. Hellcat exhaust manifolds

    Engine Performance/Intakes/Exhausts
    I just came across a great deal on a set of hellcat exhaust manifolds. Question is, worth it on the stock 5.7?
  4. P0128- 2011 GC Overland 5.7

    So I have the infamous P0128 code. The water pump was just replaced. I’m not over heating at all. I am however under heating by the gauges. Never gets above 170. And fluctuates by 4-10 degrees at all times. Thermostat doesn’t seem to be the issue. So I’m guessing it is the temp sensor. Looking...
  5. Leather dash wrinkles

    I have seen a video on repairing it. It involves removing the windshield and then steaming the “leather” until it’s soft enough to lay flat again. Then just glue it back down.
  6. LTB 730n rhr

    Looking to buy a replacement unit. Screen on my current unit is scratched and not operating properly.
1-6 of 6 Results