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Grand Cherokee Altitude
Fully Loaded Hemi
Located in Queens NY!!!!!!!!

1-My Jeep ownership started a long time ago. I started in 1991 with a 1984 CJ7 with 35" tires, A four barrel carburetor, cam, headers into a dual exhaust and a racing 5 speed transmission.
2-My second Jeep was actually a car. I bought a 1990 eagle Talon with two many Mods to list. It ran 12's in the quarter and ran for a week on $15 of gas.
3-My first Grand Cherokee was a 1997 and yes it was black with the straight 6. I fell in love.
4-my second GC was a 2000 silver straight 6 with fog lamps and the loaded stereo. All the options I needed at the time lol. I had added 290 tires on the outside and 1500 watts and 15 speakers on the inside. Ha Ha the beginningb of my hearing loss.
5-My third was a 2003 Overland in silver. This was fully loaded with the high output V8. I actually hated the ride. It was so bouncy and had a lot of body roll. I hated it so much I sold it to my dad and purchased my number 6.
6- 2003 GC limited fully loaded with the V8 in my favorite color......... BLACK this was an awesome vehicle. It felt like a sedan but offroaded with the best of them. I also did a Borla exhaust, computer module, cold air intake and had 2500 watts with 15 speakers.
7- The 2012 GC Altitude in Black with the 5.7 Hemi V8. Love it!!!!! i didn't like the ride so much. It reminded me of my 2003 overland. So I used IeBach springs and lowered it.
ive started blacking out everything. I installed Yellow brake caliper covers w JEEP in black.
This truck was working for LIPA running overhead power lines, surveying damage. Some of the money I made with overtime from working 16 hour days, 21 days straight, was used to modify Sandy.
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude (Black)


Eibach Pro Spring Lowering kit. 1.2" in Back and 1.8" in front. I tinted the windows and taillights.
I blacked out the emblems. Installed yellow Jeep calipers and put a cold air intake.



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