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Betsy II
Almond, for now.
Very little
When I took ownership, it was in poor condition at best. A little bit of house wire powered the electrics , you pulled the headlight switch out to use the brake lights, you understand, fun stuff . It came with a 360 c.i. AMC engine running on about five cylinders. It had ingested a bolt and a nut in a couple of the cylinders. The T-15, and Dana 20 had enough water in them to support a pair of goldfish . Same with the Dana 30 and Dana 44 . Anyways , all new fluids, reconditioned cylinder heads, all U joints replaced, every crack I could find welded ( about 200 of them total ), mostly in the body, all new mounts, I made a wiring harness from scratch using the factory service manual as my guide for placement and color coding. Finding correct connectors was a bit tricky. I rebuilt all switches that were factory. I installed all VDO gauges in a non factory dash. Hour meter, Ammeter, Oil pressure, Water temp., Tachometer, and I restored the factory speedometer using factory NOS parts, no Omix shit. all four corners received new brake sets from the backing plate out. the backing plates were removed, the slides welded up, and reground so the shoes would move without binding. Finding linings and drums that were of excellent quality was a chore unto itself . Finally got Bendix U.S. made linings and U.S. made drums.. I rebuilt my wiper motor as I couldnt find a factory one I liked being produced today. Too much made in china shit out there . I went with the American Racing wheels after much debate, and I went with the Milestar Patagonia tires for the design and said softness of tread, which they are . But I do like the deaign and they seem to be good tires so far .


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