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  1. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    Hey everyone, i recently bought my first ever Grand Cherokee (2011 Limited V6). I was looking at the headlights today and wasn't able to figure out how to turn on the middle headlight or even if it is supposed to turn on. I would really appreciate if someone can clarify this.
  2. WK2 -Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Hello All, New member here. I've search through a lot of these threads and there are quite a few that no one replies to. Those happen to be the ones that I am most interested in. I fixed my blend door issue....mostly. I cut a hole in to the side of my HVAC system, driver side, and freed the...
  3. WK2 -Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L I ended up replacing my head gaskets due to my coolant resivor bubbling at high RPM which lead me to believe exhaust leak allowing exhaust to enter the cooling system. After cleaning everything up, torque'n everything down and starting it up, the jeep won't hold a...
  4. WK2 -Suspension/Driveline/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
    I currently have a stock 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo x with 18" wheels with 265/65-r18 tires on it. I am curious if 255/70-r18 tires will fit with out rubbing. If anyone has any insight on this that would be much appreciated.
  5. WK2 -Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Hey whats up I'm new here, so I just got my 2011 GC 5.7 Hemi Overland a year ago and it needed some work but now its running in top shape. However last time I took it in for an oil change the technician said I have coolant leak coming from my water pump and my overflow tank is empty. I don't...
  6. WK- Troubleshooting/Problems
    I have a 2011 Jeep GC that won’t start at times. It may take 4-5 tries in order to get it to start. When it doesn’t start it doesn’t even turn over at all but it is getting power because the radio and everything comes on. The battery was replaced and it didn’t have an issue for about a week but...
  7. WK- Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
    I have a base Laredo and have upgraded the radio to a pioneer double din. I would like to add a backup Camera as well. Can I purchase an OEM back plate / camera system? Is it already pre wired? Is it easy to integrate with an aftermarket head unit? Should I just buy an aftermarket camera...
  8. WK- Audio/Visual/Navigation
    Hi, my 2011 Jeep Cherokee reverse camera just decided to stop working a few days back (I.e. I get a blank screen). I’ve had a aftermarket audio/video guy look at it but he couldn’t find the reason. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  9. WK2 -Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Hello, I have a problem with my Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 3.0 CRD. When I start the engine it shuts down after 1 or 2 seconds, and throws an oil light on the dashboard. I checked the oil level it is where it should be. This does not happen all the time when I start the engine, some time it starts...
  10. WK- Troubleshooting/Problems
    I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 Laredo X Package. I recently started having a problem where on my first turn over of the car the engine rumbles and goes to 0rpm so I decide to turn the car off completely. Take a few tries to turn over somewhat normal. Any help?? I attached a Dropbox with a...
1-10 of 10 Results