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  1. Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    I know there are a lot of threads on this already, but I just wanted to put out a recent clean post of what is currently working on a 2018 Laredo/Altitude WK2. I have been running the below setup for a few weeks now with no problems on my 2018 Altitude. I imagine it will work on other 2018...
  2. Members Rides-Showoff
    Gave my new ride a fresh coat of wax today.
  3. Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Im in the market for a 2014 + jeep wk2 srt The look of the 2017 black are my first choice but over my budget for the moment. Should i wait or paye 15k more for a 2017 -2018? I don t do alot of milleage and want too keep the jeep for 5 years and more 65k for a 2017 whit 20 000km and 50k for...
  4. Member Garage Discussions
    KR 0123 :: 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lardo (2018-05-03 10:19:26)
  5. Performance Modifications
    Anyone know if this is available/have it working on an 18 JGC? Their website allows you to pick the Year/Model/Motor. Then says: Sorry, no products matched your selection. Please choose a different combination. It also states you need their bypass kit for 18 models. I emailed support and got...
  6. RockAuto
    5% Discount Code: F5A158A3576C82 Expires: August 1, 2018 Please enter this code in the ‘How Did You Hear about Us’ box to receive the discount. Please enter ONLY the discount code, no other words or numbers. Please note that orders using discount codes must be placed online and the discount...
  7. Suspension/Driveline/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
    I ordered myself a fully loaded 2018 black Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. I would love to have the 20" Trackhawk rims put on it. One, can you do this with the hydraulic system that is in place? Two, what would be the cheapest, but best way to get it done? Three, If I did this right away, do...
  8. Member Garage Discussions
    Stygian :: 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee (2018-04-26 17:02:38)
  9. Member Garage Discussions
    2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude (2018-04-24 23:53:43)
  10. Audio/Visual/Navigation/Electronics
    Understand the 2018 base limited is listed as 6 spkr system and there is an option for 9 spkr upgrade. planning to go with the 8.4 nav (uaq) Is there a big difference between the two? Does the '6 spkr' have the center dash spkr like the '9 spkr'? Which is the easier upgrade path? Is the...
  11. Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Hello, I have a 2018 Grand Summit with the Hemi. My question to the board is. Does the factory now use Synthetic oil? i just hit 3,000 miles and the evic says that there is still 50% oil life. i was under the assumption that standard oil goes for 3,000 mile and synthetic doubles to 6,000 miles...
  12. Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    I thought I had read, but couldn't confirm, that the HA (maybe even the Summit) have the same fenders as the SRT and Trackhawk trims, is that true? My question is with the fitment of the SRT wheels on the HA trim level, will there be any rubbing with 295/45-20 tires on the SRT 20 x 10" wheels...
  13. Member Garage Discussions
    Current :: 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude (2018-04-16 15:39:47)
  14. Member Garage Discussions
    Current :: 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude (2018-04-16 15:39:35)
  15. Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    been on here and google a decent amount and now that the 3.0 ED is available i think i can get a new one. so in short from guys who are deep into the Jeep world, what are the differences between the two? other than badges and the interior color schemes what are the differences? i am leaning...
  16. Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    Anyone know of some good Nerf Bars that would fit a 2018 GC limited?
  17. Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    What are some good hopefully no drill splash guards that will fit a 2018 GC Limited? Will they work with Nerf Bars?
41-57 of 326 Results