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  1. NorthEast
    I have a 2002 jeep liberty limited 3.7L and it has issues with the overdrive and last year i would only be able to drive it with the overdrive shut off but suddenly it started revving up to 2600 or higher when it hit second and will only go about 30MPH Any ideas or tips would be greatly...
  2. WK- Grand Cherokee (2005-2010)
    Hello I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a nag1 tranny. With code (p0743 for torque converter clutch circuit electrical) when I bought the vehicle it was in limp mode won’t pass 30mph and won’t upshift from first gear I changed all the solenoids in the tranny that didn’t solve it then I...
  3. WK2 -Engine Performance/Intakes/Exhausts
    Need help with this one guys.... I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7L. The car for the last six months to a year has not been starting randomly. Battery has been swapped, the truck has been tuned, and all plugs and wires seem to be ok. Stater seems to have no issue as well for when I does...
1-3 of 3 Results