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  1. WK- Audio/Visual/Navigation
    Some vehicle background: I just recently bought my 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Boston Acoustic's stereo system through an auction. Whoever owned it prior had a bunch of wires ran and removed most of the things they connected to (possibly an amp, most likely a subwoofer). They had an...
  2. Tech Tips DIY/How To
    I have a 07 liberty that the previous owner cut the stereo harness connection off. I have wired the aftermarket stereo in so far to get it on with dash lights and both front speakers. I cannot get the rear speakers or front tweeters to work. Also can not get the dome lights to work at all.
  3. WK- Audio/Visual/Navigation
    Hey everyone I need a little help with speaker issues and I'm new here. I just bought a 2008 Grand Cherokee Laredo with Boston acoustic. Literally the next day I switched out the head unit with a KENWOOD DMX4707S. Close up everything's working or so I thought and it seems that most of the sound...
  4. WK- Audio/Visual/Navigation
    Hello, I have a ‘10 Grand Cherokee Laredo that does not have a factory navigation nor factory amp? I am trying to replace my stock radio with an aftermarket radio and I was told I needed a separate module even if I didn’t have a factory amp. I looked on Crutchfield and they’re saying that I...
1-4 of 4 Results