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  1. WJ- Troubleshooting/Problems
    Hey guys. Well, my brake lights don't work, so I 1st thought the bulbs were bad and, nope, they all good. Then I checked the fuse, #23 in the JB; nope, it is okay. Then, I checked the switch, and yes, it was fine. How did I test? With a power probe, I put 12v after the switch and the lights...
  2. WK2 -Tech Tips/DIY/How To
    Hello All, When it comes to electric I'm no Tesla. I am hoping someone can help out. I know I hook the red and black wires to the battery terminals. But what do I do with the fuse (the little black box with 3 prongs I believe is the fuse)? I can't find a video or walkthrough that actually...
  3. WK2 -Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    I searched high and low. I am trying to find out what this is. I can’t find it in the manual or online no matter what I search. It’s a small box behind the main fuse box that has like 4 relays in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Troubleshooting/Problems Discussion
    Hi all, first post I am UK driver with a Cherokee 2.0diesel We get little bad weather in my area but recently needed to use the heated mirrors, but they didn't come on. As both didn't work I assumed a fuse issue so I checked the fuses and manual which said it was fuse 72 under the bonnet...
1-4 of 4 Results