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  1. WK2 -Tech Tips/DIY/How To
    You cannot really see them, but there are dozens of little dents from a recent hailstorm. I've read several posts and articles discussing various ways of tackling this, but not specific to the small dents on the aluminum hood. Is it possible to simply use dry ice? Are there any precautions in...
  2. WK2- Grand Cherokee (2011-2021/22 WK)
    Hey all, I'm looking for a 4x4 and settled on a WK2 Grand Cherokee (2018+ b/c I want the apple carplay and UConnect 4). I am trying to decide between the following: 2018 CPO Grand Cherokee Overland, 40k miles, 5.7 HEMI with: ORAII, Advanced Safety Group, Harman Kardon Stereo for $43,500 (sale...
  3. WK2 -Engine Performance/Intakes/Exhausts
    Anyone have experience replacing this hose? Any tips, if so? 2018 Grand Cherokee Altitude
  4. WK2 -Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    The car did an auto update overnight and it failed. I now have the message to contact the dealer ($$$$) and give them Error Code 20. Car appears to drive fine, but the uConnect screen and interior accent lights wont shut off so the batteries draining is my primary concern right now. The only...
  5. WK2 -Tech Tips/DIY/How To
    Hi, I recently purchased a 2018 Grand Cherokee Limited. It does not have the tow package installed, nor does it seem like that wiring is present, nor is there a place on the bumper that is ready for that install. I have been quoted by my local Jeep dealership at around $1350 to have it...
  6. WK2 -Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    Hello! My parents just bought a 2018 Limited Grand Cherokee. It had been on lease prior to their purchase and has 26,731 miles on it. We have been driving it around with no problems since we picked it up from the dealer 5 days ago. Today, the gas needed to be filled for the first time since they...
1-6 of 6 Results