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  1. WK2 -Engine Performance/Intakes/Exhausts
    Hi, Joined this group to get information from experts. But seems very hard to get an answer. Is there a bolt on header available for a 2011 JGC 5.7 Hemi?? Anyone? Should be millions of 5.7 jeeps built surely there's something or someone that has done this?? I have leaking exhaust manifold and...
  2. WK2 -Engine Performance/Intakes/Exhausts
    Howdy from Tasmania, Australia! I thought I would ask the experts on this one as many different opinions. I have 2011 JGC Overland 5.7 Hemi. I have an exhaust manifold leak,possible broken studs on both sides. My questions; Best gaskets/ studs? Options for headers/extractors? Bolt on no mods...
  3. Trackhawk 6.2 hemi Engine Perf/Intakes/Exhausts/S
    I spoke with my dealership about my warranty and exhaust modifications. They said they would still honor my full engine and drivetrain warranty if I went with a set of headers and exhaust (excluding the exhaust system of course). Then I asked about a tune and that's where the line was drawn...
  4. WK2 -Engine Performance/Intakes/Exhausts
    Hello, Has anyone installed long tube (or shorty) headers and cam in your Hemi 5.7? Can you please share your experience (brand, fitment, cost, etc.)? I'm looking to install those mods in my WK2. I think I'm going with the 6.1 cam but thinking about 6.4 as well. Can anyone please give your...
  5. WK2 -Grand Cherokee SRT (2012-2018)
    We have two sets of 1 7/8 with no cats in stock. No wait on these handmade headers. Pm us for your set or email us at [email protected]
  6. WK2 SRT Engine Perf/Intakes/Exhausts/Supercharge
    We have 2 sets of Stainless Works 1 7/8 headers with high flow cats in stock. These are handmade using US 304 stainless steel. There is usually a 2-3 week wait on them. PM us for pricing.
  7. WK2 -Engine Performance/Intakes/Exhausts
    After looking around for header options for our V6 engines and found nothing because it has no exhaust manifolds and is not designed to accept headers I decided to contact a reputable company and there willing to make high flow cats for the Jeep. My truck is going to be used as a prototype so...
  8. WK2 -Grand Cherokee SRT (2012-2018)
    Alright ya go...WK2 srt Xforce exhausts and headers special buy for my followers! ●headers...304 stainless polished for $710 shipped use code jeepguyheader ---4 sets avalable NOW! ●xforce catback...304 stainless polished-PREORDER ONLY.....$810 shipped use code jeepguycatback...
  9. WK2 -Engine Performance/Intakes/Exhausts
    I didn't think this could be done but someone on Facebook posted they are gonna do it. Does anyone know if it will work?
  10. WK2 -Engine Performance/Intakes/Exhausts
    On almost all posts I see in which people have upgraded their exhausts they have fitted a cat back system to the 5.7L Grand Cherokee. Has any one fitted headers as well? Does anyone make them for a 2014 WK2 5.7L? If so what is recommended as I can't seem to find any anywhere. Thanks
  11. WK2 -Grand Cherokee SRT (2012-2018)
    We now have stock again on the X force headers and cat back. They are available for purchase on our site Headers are 1 7/8 by 3"
  12. WK2 SRT Engine Perf/Intakes/Exhausts/Supercharge
    This is one of the sickest sounding combinations we have heard to date. This is our client submitted video. We have more sets of these coming in and willing to make a package deal of them. :). Video is from our youtube channel, make sure to subscribe :thumbsup...
  13. WK2 SRT Engine Perf/Intakes/Exhausts/Supercharge
    Wanted to test out another cat back. This by far is the most exotic sounding one we've run ourselves. These are available for purchase on our site or just send us a PM. In the mean time, enjoy the video.
  14. WK2 SRT Engine Perf/Intakes/Exhausts/Supercharge
    We just sold out of our inventory of American Racing Headers. We are looking to put in another large order. We already have 2 committed both 1 7/8th with hi flow cats. Would like about 1-2 more. If you are interested please PM me for pricing on your set up. If you are a visitor please email...
  15. WK- Grand Cherokee (2005-2010)
    I have a 2005 5.7. I got my hands on a pair of SRT "headers" and I plan to do the swap soon. The questions I have are 1. What exhaust bolts do I use or do I get a stud kit ? 2. Do I use the SRT exhaust gaskets or the 5.7 ? 3. I know the 5.7 mid pipes wont work so I plan on getting a...
  16. WK2 SRT Engine Perf/Intakes/Exhausts/Supercharge
    The warehouse made an error and part numbers and there is no 8 week wait on their headers. We have 4 in stock left. Throwing them up here before it hits social media. Sizing is 1 3/4 with high flow cats. $799 shipped. (there was an error in original pricing)
  17. WK2 -Engine Performance/Intakes/Exhausts
    Plan on purchasing arh headers in 1 3/4 primary tube size. Found a shop to install and tune. Stock exhaust is staying going for sleeper. Also getting high flow cats. Only thing I'm not getting is high flow intake. Looked at afe momentum gt with pro dry S filter. Might be later. Know tight for...
  18. WK2 SRT Engine Perf/Intakes/Exhausts/Supercharge
    American Racing Headers are hand made using US metals right in New York. Perfect fitment and great sounding cat backs. Here is a video of an SRT equipped with the full catted system. Cat back MSRP $1595 Headers available from 1 3/4 , 1 7/8 ...
1-18 of 56 Results