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  1. KJ / KK Liberty
    Ive sourced some mods for GC will they bolt on to my Liberty?
  2. KJ / KK Liberty
    My 2.8l Diesel KJ requires a BCM with this part number: 05026038AI Has anyone ever had to replace their BCM? If so, where did you get the replacement BCM from? Can anyone (in the US) help me find one of these, please? Regards John
  3. KJ / KK Liberty
    I own a 2002 liberty. My rear drum brake fell apart while I was driving. Luckily I was cruising at 10 mph. Now I'm in search of how to convert to rear disc brakes. Could I swap a rear axle/diff from a '03-'07 liberty into an '02? Does anyone now of a conversion kit for an '02? Either option...
1-3 of 3 Results