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  1. Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    Hi All. My 2004 is getting VERY tired so I want to replace as soon as I can. I'm working on a deal for just under $47K on an MSRP of $54,115. Quoted $4045 on the MaxCare. Does this seem ok? Thank you!!
  2. 2018 Jeep Compass-MP
    Anyone know of a website that lists invoice pricing on a 2018 Compass ( just like over on the wk2 side)? Milous? ( I’m rubbing the genie bottle:) ) Al
  3. Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    FCA pricing voodoo 2019 Ram Rebel - off road package $3100 (w/ELSD and air susp. options) - 5.7 (395hp) $1,200 - drive ratio 3.92 2018 Jeep GC Limited - off road package $2500 includes air susp., ELSD and similar features - 5.7 (360hp) $3,300 - drive ratio 3.09...
  4. Compass and Patriot
    Hello all, This is my first post and I hope this is the correct forum, if not I apologize. My wife and I recently went to the dealership to purchase a new 2018 Jeep Compass. I work for a company that is part of the Affiliate Rewards Program and we were told we were getting the Affiliate...
  5. 2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    Love my TH, but I am evaluating whether or not I am going to keep it. I perused the buy/sell forum and saw nothing on the TH. Does anyone have any tips on defining the market for a lightly driven TH? My MSRP was about $98k, with just about all features minus rear entertainment. It has about 3k...
  6. Tech Tips/DIY/How To
    Hello, Im in the market for a 2017 GC Laredo with 3.6ltr engine and with all weather trail rated package, trailer package, 18inch wheels/8.4inch screen package, zero miles, no pre-owner for 34.3k USD. Is that price OK or should I push the dealer to lower some more? Well I tried already but he...
  7. Koons of Tysons Corner
    The new Jeep Wrangler JL is 5% under invoice on all factory orders. email me with what you want. Craig Benner [email protected]
  8. Koons of Tysons Corner
    Breaking News!! There is new pricing update with you will all be super happy about. The Grand Cherokee SRT, Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcats/Hellcats Wide Body and the Durango SRT's are all now 5% under invoice only on Factory Order's!! Email me with your order and Ill spec it out for you...
  9. 2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    Got a call from my dealer today (who got the call from his area manager). $154k AUD + on road costs. So mid to high $160's. and you Yankee fellas are all complaining of $100k USD. Good news is they are releasing 62 "Launch Edition" cars of which one is mine. 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk...
  10. 2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    Any Canadian getting in at MSRP? My dealer said they wanted MSRP +15K. Sent the sales manager back to the GM with my offer for MSRP +0. Will hear back tomorrow. What's your experience?
  11. Suspension/Driveline/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
    I am looking to sell my 18" stock wheels and tires from my 2014 limited. My neighbor who has a 2015 Laredo is interested in purchasing them. I bought the jeep 4 months ago and at the time the dealer installed a new set of Goodyear wrangler RSA tires. I'd like to give my neighbor a decent deal...
  12. Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    I'm sure this exists on here somewhere but I can't find it for the life of me. Does anybody know or have a picture/list of the CANADIAN invoice pricing for the 2017 Srt Jeeps. I'm currently looking to buy one and the dealership that I had bought my truck from (and actually has good service)...
  13. Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    New Member AZ, Pricing for Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4 and TrailHawk Hi All! Just got back from 4 hours at local dealership looking at different models and options getting an idea for what I want to buy this upcoming 4th of July weekend. Was looking for what you guys paid for your Grand...
  14. 2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    Pricing...not complete
  15. Koons of Tysons Corner
    Hello All, The Group Buy Program is soaring and I mean SOARING. Thanks to everyone the Group Buy Program is very strong, however due to the recent change in the market we have to change up the discounts a little. Instead of being 7% under invoice it will be 6% under invoice. And instead of...
  16. Grand Cherokee SRT - WK2
    Been looking around for a used srt wondering what you guys paid for a used 2014 or 2015 and the mileage when you purchased it. Found a 14 srt 27k miles for 47k, not certified.
  17. Wrangler-YJ, TJ & JK
    Any sage advice/thoughts on pricing/purchasing a 2015 JKU - new, never titled? I am open to doing so but don't want to take a bath on depreciation... I may stick with getting a 2017 - but tempted if I could save enough $$$$ :confused:
  18. Cherokee-SJ and XJ
    Hi Jeep Forum folks! The sad time has come for me to sell my Jeep. I need help pricing my 2001 Silver Jeep Cherokee Sport, 60th Anniversary Edition. As I’ve researched market rates for this particular car, I’ve found that pricing is all over the place. Any help in figuring out a selling price...
  19. Wrangler-YJ, TJ & JK
    OVERSTOCK SALE OVERSTOCK SALE OVERSTOCK SALE Save 20% off on JWSpeaker Evolution J Headlights - $527.99USD shipped within the contiguous USA and Canada. Simply use coupon code SS20 at checkout to get the additional discount. While supplies last! Steve
1-19 of 42 Results