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  1. WK2 -Tech Tips/DIY/How To
    Useful for those who weren't aware of this feature. Programming keyfob for memory positions.
  2. WK2-Trackhawk Grand Cherokee 2018+
    Code is moparfam for 20% off
  3. WK2 -Grand Cherokee SRT (2012-2018)
    Moparfam code for 20% off
  4. WK2-Trackhawk Grand Cherokee 2018+
    I would love to know if this Ram shifter will fit the TH? If so, I want it.
  5. WK2 -Tech Tips/DIY/How To
    I want to change the serpentine belt in my 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited, but I can't find a diagram anywhere. I would feel better having it before I start. Do any of you guys have one to share? Thanks!
  6. Trackhawk Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    Has anyone done this? If so, is the cost worth the benefits? How much should it cost? What brands are good/bad? Thanks!
  7. WK2 -Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    2014 GC limiter 3.6L I experiecne TSB 18-054-14 3-5 times a week. which is upont starting, the vehicle will have extended cranking before it starts. most of the time it fires right up. many time, it cranks for 3-6 seconds before it starts. There is a TSB specifically for this, but the...
  8. WK2- Grand Cherokee (2011-2021/22 WK)
    FCA pricing voodoo 2019 Ram Rebel - off road package $3100 (w/ELSD and air susp. options) - 5.7 (395hp) $1,200 - drive ratio 3.92 2018 Jeep GC Limited - off road package $2500 includes air susp., ELSD and similar features - 5.7 (360hp) $3,300 - drive ratio 3.09...
  9. MK Compass/Patriot (model years 2007–2017)
    Hello all, This is my first post and I hope this is the correct forum, if not I apologize. My wife and I recently went to the dealership to purchase a new 2018 Jeep Compass. I work for a company that is part of the Affiliate Rewards Program and we were told we were getting the Affiliate...
  10. 2018+ Trackhawk Showoff
    Couple shots after coating.
  11. Troubleshooting/Problems Discussion
    Replaced (shop) the original 240k mile transmission on my 2002 WJ 4.0 with a used 140k mile transmission. Road tested fine with shop personnel and worked fine on the 35 mile drive home. The next day I warmed up the Jeep and traveled approximately 10 miles and transmission started making...
  12. WK2 -Audio/Visual/Navigation/Electronics
    Just purchased a 2018 Grand Jeep Cherokee. I have attempted to program the radio stations numerous times. Every time I turn the car off and then restart it, all of the programming is reset to empty. Additionally, the screen goes back to empty presets, FM 99.9 radio setting, and complete static.
  13. WK2 -Tech Tips/DIY/How To
    Hello and Happy New Year All, I've got ~ 100 amps of stereo equipment added to my GC which also has the Trailer Tow Group IV w/180 amp alternator. I've tied in the new stereo distribution with 3rd battery, correctly fused, directly to the positive terminal of the main battery under the...
  14. WK2 - Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel 3.0
    Thanks to info I read on other forums here, I checked into the jeep wave program when my jeep emailed me that I needed my first oil change. My dealer charges $190 for one after taxes, etc., so on a diesel the wave program is a good deal since on my 2015 model I can buy into the wave program...
  15. WK- Diesel Powered WK Grand Cherokee
    sorry wrong forum, moved to 2014+
  16. JT- Gladiator Pickup
    One of the things I was hoping for in the Scrambler was a different top than the SUV--I really wanted to see a panel over each sitting area and a power rear window or removable panel. Looking at the leaked CAD and reading some articles, it sounds like the Scrambler and Wrangler will have...
  17. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    Does anyone know if our one touch blinkers can be re-programmed from 3 blinks to 5 blinks? I recently drove a new Renegade (loaner vehicle) that has this feature and i really like it. Gives you that extra second or two while changing lanes.
  18. WK2-Trackhawk Grand Cherokee 2018+
    Unique Carbon on eBay has agreed to make us trackhawk logo REAL carbon fiber plate frames with the trackhawk logo. If we buy 10 he will do 20% off the $99 plate frame. Add names and color logo here! I have his srt logo cf plate frame and it's still perfect after 4 years. GO
1-18 of 249 Results