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  1. WK2 -Grand Cherokee SRT
    I have a full set of used Eibachs for the 2012-15 Jeep SRT...used with about 8000 miles....$175 shipped I also have the REAR only Roadmagnet extreme springs-BRAND NEW-$150 shipped PM me to pay with paypal
  2. WK2 SRT Showoff
    Well me and Chad went back and forth on whether I should go with the 2.8" drop in the rear or stick with what I had originally planned. I could not have asked for better results, I'm sold on the 1.8" drop all around. Has a slight rake to it which is what I was going for
  3. Performance Modifications
    Hey guys/girls, Im looking at the roadmagnet lowering springs and want to know what you guys think? Should I go with the 1.3 or 1.7 rear drop? Also did anyone have camber issues or bump stop issues? Pictures of your ride would be greatly appreciated! My second choice would be Eibach springs but...
  4. WK2 -Grand Cherokee SRT
    Having driven about 2500 miles so far i can say that theses springs are what SRT shoulda had outta the box so to speak. Rides a tad stiffer and tad jumpier than OEM but still better then first gen wk1 srt8. Look wise and practicality wise it's a no brainer it should be mandatory to have that...
  5. WK2 SRT Suspension/Driveline/Brakes
    Road Magnet 2012+ Jeep SRT8 Lowering Springs are compatible with all WK2 models! The Road Magnet Lowering Springs drop the vehicle 1.8" front and 2.8" rear for an aggressive drop that provides excellent ride quality and reduced body roll, with spring rates stiff enough to accommodate towing...
  6. WK2 SRT Engine Perf/Intakes/Exhausts/Supercharge
    I just found out my SRT arrives in under a month. I am assuming the mods for the 2012/2013 would all fit the 2014 as well. Anyone want to weigh in on this? I'm wondering - will a Borla ATAK fit the 2014 (and who wants to buy a stock 2014 black chrome exhaust off an SRT if I go this route...
1-7 of 7 Results