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  1. WK2- Grand Cherokee (2011-2021/22 WK)
    A few years ago I took my 2x4 Grand Cherokee to big bear and chains were required. When I put them on and drove up the mountain the car would not go faster than 25 mph and the traction control kept activating regardless of turning it on or off. Has anyone had a better experience with driving in...
  2. KL Cherokee (model years 2014–present)
    Hi folks, I am trying to buy chains for my 2017 Cherokee Limited 4WD. The owner's manual says chains can be used on 225/60R18 tires only if my 4WD has "a Two-Speed Power Takeoff Unit). 1) Anyone know how to tell if a Cherokee has the two-speed power takeoff unit? 2) If it my Cherokee does...
  3. Wheels and Tires
    I never had to use snow chains before and I’m having trouble finding some for that size. Does anyone have an idea of which chains would fit?
1-3 of 3 Results