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  1. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    I'm looking to DIY tint my Jeep, but I am having trouble figuring out what size roll(s) I need to get. I am looking to do all the windows (sides, front, and rear). Below are the available film sizes. Any help in figuring out the needed size is greatly appreciated!
  2. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    Big shout out to @Jeep_addicted for the Rear Reflector Light Conversation Plug & Play Kit. Installed Rear Fog Light Conversion Kit, to brake and blinker (temporary smoked housing in there now, replacing with red with tint) Installed LED bulbs in the tails from Amazon. Super bright and worth...
  3. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    Hey Everyone! I have seen full tinted tails which are decent but imo a little risky. I have the set up with the black vinyl around the edge and tint strip in the middle. I recently took off the tint and jist left the black on there. Do we have any other options when it comes to customizing the...
  4. WD 2011+ Dodge Durango
    Before After Had the windows tinted and used plasti dip on the chrome Dodge on the brake lights.
1-4 of 4 Results