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tow hooks
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  1. Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service
    I’ve had a 2020 limited x for a few months and since it’s starting to get nicer out I want to bring it on the beach, I noticed I don’t have anywhere to attach a tow rope if I get stuck and something happens, is my only luck of getting unstuck digging and putting boards under the tires? Any help...
  2. Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    I'm starting to modify my WK2 and started with some tow hooks from rough country that I bought off of Amazon. They were fairly cheap and easy to install. I made a how to video. Would love feedback!
  3. Jeep Stuff For Sale
    Used Chief Products WK2 recovery points in red. I bought them used with missing hardware so I replaced the hardware with new grade 10.9 zinc plated pieces ($15 alone for 6 bolts and 2 nuts, high tensile strength materials). Too many other projects around my house needing attention right now so...
1-3 of 3 Results