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  1. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    I have tried to find a shop by me who would paint them, I have had zero luck and its been weeks. I can't do the job myself as I dont have the time or the tools. and Ive looked at scrap yards to see if anyone has a car similar to mine so I could go and buy the pieces and have had zero luck. So...
  2. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    I've been looking for replacements and is there difference between the one with the two bars in the middle vs the one without? I can't remember which one came on mine, it's a 2014 limited
  3. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    Hey everyone, Recently acquired a 2014 Cherokee Limited, and I've been looking into making some upgrades on the exterior to make it look newer. I've seen plenty of ideas that I've been intrigued about, but I really like the trim style of the Summit jeeps. Does anyone know of a place that...
  4. WK- Diesel Powered WK Grand Cherokee
    Hi everyone, I want to replace the wood panel trim in my 2011 Grand Cherokee Limited. I found a carbon fiber dash Kit that will cover the wood trim. Problem is it says it for 2014 and up. I believe it says that because the screen and gear shift changed in between the years. But I’m not looking...
  5. Tech Tips DIY/How To
    Hello all, this is my first post! I need to take off and paint the rear interior trim along the top of my 2020 gladiator hard top (see picture). I dumbly discolored it while prepping for my headliner. I have trim removal tools it’s just I can’t feel or see any of the points where the trim is...
  6. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    Hi - does anyone have any good interior trim kit recommendations? Either that you've purchased or know are good quality? I have a 2018 High Altitude with black interior and it is a bit boring on the inside. I'd love to switch out the interior trim to carbon fiber or something else more...
  7. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    Hello, first post here as my girlfriend has just purchased a 2012 jeep grand cherokee limited. I am asking for help finding the trim piece that goes around the interior door handle. Three of them are broken in the vehicle we bought. The closest thing I have found is essentially a carbon fiber...
  8. WK2 -Interior/Exterior/Visual/Lighting
    2015 Laredo. Is it possible to remove the interior chrome around the dash and center console? I want to paint the chrome black but would like to remove it before doing it. Thanks
1-8 of 9 Results