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  1. WJ- Troubleshooting/Problems
    So it seems my rear(cylinder 8) valve stem is lower than all the rest. I replaced the seal and spring and it’s still sitting low as the rocker just wiggles on and off. Swapped rockers with a different one, as well as lash adjusters. Still loose, it seems straight. And it’s pretty stiff, doesn’t...
  2. WJ- Troubleshooting/Problems
    Hopefully I can get some help. Trying to get the rear passenger side valve spring off to see if it is what’s causing my problems. I was able to get the first keeper out, but the second one seems to be lodged underneath the retainer. I have air pushing into it through the spark plug. Every time I...
  3. WJ- Grand Cherokee (1999-2004)
    This is a lengthy one so please bare with me.. Few months ago I thought I blew a rod so I was prepping to pull the engine and see what the damage was. Turns out I didn’t blow a rod. But I did have multiple codes: P0161 P0455 P0308 P0523 I bought a new gas cap, and replaced all 8 spark plugs...
1-3 of 3 Results