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  1. JL Wrangler (model years 2018 - Present)
    Hi everyone, I just treated myself to a 2022 Wrangler Rubicon 392 and am looking for a valved exhaust at a reasonable budget. I love making some noise out on the road but live in a pretty tame neighborhood so I need the capability of coming and going quietly. I checked out the valved universal...
  2. Vendor Deals
    We have reduced the Wrangler 392 order price from $7000 to $8000 effective today, 2/19/22. We of course will continue the following: 6% Below Invoice on all other Jeep Orders $10,000 off MSRP or 11% below MSRP whichever is greater on the TRX DODGE is at 6% below Invoice with the exception of...
1-2 of 2 Results