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  1. JL Wrangler (model years 2018 - Present)
    Took vehicle in for a tick noise advised of a rocker failure. Dealership changed coil, vehicle ran worse than when I took it in and never overheated now it needs a cylinder head. Dealership fails to provide rental and went from a week repair to 5 Weeks Out. @JeepCares
  2. Audio, Video, Navigation & Electronic Modification
    Hello, I believe I have a loose wire that's causing a disconnect between the radio and the speakers. The radio appears to be working fine, but the sound is intermittent. I'm looking for recommendations for someone in NJ who can take a look at it. Thanks, Tim
  3. New Members - Welcome!
    Hey gang! Just wanted introduce myself. Coming in with a 2018 JLUR. Installed a 2.5” Tera ct2 lift, 37” ko2s, and an air compressor. First time doing it all myself. Looking to learn more and see some awesome rigs. From the south central Pennsylvania area. Thanks!
  4. JL Wrangler (model years 2018 - Present)
    Hello all. So I’ve been having an issue with my head unit restarting every 5-6 minutes. Doesn’t matter what state the vehicle is in. I’ve taken my 2018 JLUR to the dealer last week. They told me there’s 2 software updates available for the head unit. With a chance that the software may work or...
  5. JK Wrangler (model years 2007 - 2018)
    2010 beauty engine caught fire in parking garage, from end toast. Repair? Frame toast? Engine toast? All was perfect until the marshmallow roast… don’t be shy
  6. JK Wrangler (model years 2007 - 2018)
    Hey I have a 2015 Wrangler. The seat warmer button by my cup holder is jammed or stuck on my drivers side. Is there a way to fix this. I live in Manitoba Canada and it’s starting to get cold.
  7. JL Wrangler (model years 2018 - Present)
    I am looking for any advice on correcting a buggy backup camera/radio combo on a 2021 Wrangler Unlimited. I noticed the problem within the first month of owning this vehicle and have had it in the shop multiple times to try and get it resolved. I have had it in to two different dealerships...
  8. Troubleshooting/Problems Discussion
    So new to the forum. Hello to everyone. Sorry so long…Here’s the issues: I bought a new 2021 wrangler unlimited rubicon in may. 1) there was a decent sized scratch/damage to the paint on the right rear fender. Was told they would replace it from the salesman. The damage was documented. Went to...
  9. Troubleshooting/Problems Discussion
    Hi all, I have a 2006 Wrangler Rubicon that makes a metal on metal grinding noise when turning hard right and traveling slow. This happens both in reverse and when traveling forward. There’s plenty of power steering fluid and the U joint appears to be operating as normal (no show of rubbing or...
  10. JK Wrangler (model years 2007 - 2018)
    I have a 2018 JK and its at 18k miles recently a wierd sound started coming from somewhere around the engine maybe transmission but cant figure it out. If anyone knows please help me out This is the video of the sound:
  11. JK Wrangler (model years 2007 - 2018)
    Hello, After I take my Jeep for long drives around 60kms, my engine check lights comes on. But gpes out after sometime. Its been happening for few times now. Finally when i took it to the mechanic he couldn't find any codes, So he just turned the engine check lights off and asked me to check if...
  12. JL Wrangler (model years 2018 - Present)
    I just bought a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Willy's that came with 225/75/17 tires. I'm wondering if there's a website that calculates the biggest size tires that'll fit without affecting the jeeps steering, turning, etc?
  13. New Members - Welcome!
    Hey Jeep Garage community - My name is Gabe and I recently traded in my 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The term "Just Empty Every Pocket" is indeed correct lol...I traded in my wrangler because I was close to doing a Hemi swap / conversion, dana 60...
  14. JK Wrangler (model years 2007 - 2018)
    Hi all. I searched but really haven't been able to find any info on this topic. The 3.6 in my JK was set up to run WAY too hot from the factory. Already had to replace the thermostat housing and radiator at 36k and a few months over 3 years. Anyway - now that I have a slightly cooler thermostat...
  15. WK2 -Suspension/Driveline/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
    Looking to confirm if the JL wheels will fit the same bolt pattern as the JK Wheels. I have a 2011 overland with 20" rims. i really want to go with a 18" set of JL wheels if possible Thanks!
  16. JK Wrangler (model years 2007 - 2018)
    Hi everyone..Having an ongoing starting issue with my Wrangler. Everything runs fine as normal but completely randomly the vehicle will not start. It can be anywhere from 24 hours to several months between occurrances. This has been going on for off and on for about 3 years. The key is in...
  17. Wrangler Models
    Very unique picture of Jeep Wranglers. Do you want to post yours? One of my friends saw this on her trip while in Alaska last summer! Anchorage Alaska. Reference source: These Jeep Wranglers Are Hanging out For a Unique Group Photo - Torque News.
  18. WK2 -Suspension/Driveline/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
    I just put the oem wrangler( 2013? 5 spoke ) wheels on my wk2 and my 14x1.5 lugs stick out. do the wranglers have shorter wheel studs . Am I suppose to get shorter lug nuts or cut my studs ? Thanks
  19. JL Wrangler (model years 2018 - Present)
    Jeep has unveiled its concept vehicles that will head to the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Most of the new concepts take the 2018 Jeep Wrangler to new heights of performance and power. I am trying to put the pic here, but it only shows the browse, I don't know if it works or no...
  20. Jeep//Stellantis news, spy shots and more!
    Wrangler sales up 70% and Cherokee up 63% in march from 2017 sales
1-20 of 410 Results