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04 GC Overland Catalytic Converter

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Hey guys need a little help. What's the best catalytic converter option for my 04 with the 4.7 HO engine. I have a k&n intake and a Gibson exhaust installed if that makes a difference. Saw magnaflow as well as a few others make replacements so let me know (and if you have a link to the exact part to make my life really easy that wouldn't be a bad thing).

Thanks very much for the help.
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A great option is the Magnaflow high flow metallic spun cats. You can give Nick an email ([email protected]) let him know about your car and if you have the 3 cat system, or the 2 cat system. He gets great deals on the Magnaflow cats and you can be sure they fit since he has been doing this awhile.

I was happy with my experience, and the Magnaflow sounds great!
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