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So long story short I have a 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee it blew the motor so I bought a junk yard one and rebuilt it completely all new rings heads redone the whole works! It has had many issues since then that I've fixed however it is now idling like crap and the cel will ding on and off randomly one time it was p0300 and a p0304 code then the next 3 times just p0300 and the last time it said 02 sensor..... Please help wife is mad her jeeps a hunk junk and I'm losing my mind I don't wanna keep throwing spaghetti at the wall... It has new plugs and coils new engine, new iac, cleaned throttle body best I could, new injectors on 2,4 and 6 cause those were a issue for a while .... I'm just lost here it's about to get sold ...
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