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05 WK Radiator Replacement?

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Hi everyone, i recently got my jeep back from the body shop and noticed that my radiator is leaking coolant. After some searching i found that one of the shroud bolts was tightened enough that it punched a hole in side tank of the radiator. So i am looking for a good write-up on how to replace my radiator. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Any help would be great.

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I thought mine did the same thing, and I was wrong. I am guessing that its the top drivers side bolt? Check for your upper radiator hose leaking. It was VERY difficult to see down in there. 2 years after I first saw leakage there my radiator actually sprung a leak from the end tank seal.

The radiator is not a terrible job, its WAY easier than a WJ. My biggest problem is the radiator I got was not the same as what I replaced (stupid parts store), the core was thicker, which is great except for the fact that that the fan shroud interfered with the radiator core and I needed to cut down the fan shroud some.

You need a 32mm socket (maybe 34, cannot remember exactly) to disconnect the mechanical fan from the water pump. Then some patience.

EDIT: Im and idiot and didn't even look at what you had, the hemi doesn't have the mechanical fan, I don't have any solid hemi info to help you, I would highly suggest looking at the radiator hoses still. Pretty sure you can work the radiator out with the fan in the car.
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I think you should do anything/everything possible to diagnose and repair the problem, before "springing" for a new radiator. Start by looking where 2005JGC says, as he's had a similar issue with his, even though his is a 4.7. If you can't find the problem, take it to one or two good radiator shops for their assessment and cost to repair. Also, do a google search on replacements, if you have to replace it. Those radiators on the 5.7 can't be cheap.....except the way they're manufactured.

I've had mine out when I installed the aftermarket cam, and I'll say it was the hardest part of the whole cam swap job.....a real PITA. That stupid hydraulic fan is a big part of the problem, unless you don't mind completely disconnecting everything, including the hydraulic lines. Everything has to pretty much be moved/removed/installed together as a unit, otherwise trying to get everything lined up is not fun. My Hemi LX, with electric fans, is cake compared to the WK.

Good luck, and let us know what you find.

Edit: I just re-read your post, and is this an insurance deal, since you "just got it back from the body shop"? If so, shouldn't they be fixing this?
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Unfortunately the body shop only did work to the rear quarter panel and denies touching anything in the engine compartment. My luck it is just a coincidence. Looks like I'm going to look into it before tackling this project
I couldn't get the lines broken on the power steering pump or the hydraulic fan. I ended up having to remove the fan, lines, and power steering pump as a unit. I'm not sure if that is required to simply change the radiator. You may be able to break the lines loose.

I needed help to get the radiator back in between the frame rails/body. It was tough to get everything lined up.
Finally got to my radiator replacement this weekend. Between my uncle and I, it took us about 3 and a half hours to do. We ended up having to take the radiator plus the fan shroud all out at once. Which i was expecting to do after reading on here a bit. I bought the new one from for 135 $ made by spectra. From what I've read on here, some of you had good luck with them. Only issue we had was one of the mounts was slightly bigger than the oem. Here is a picture. I will have to agree, it was a major pita.


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Glad you got it done, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg. Sounds like you did OK though, as ~3 1/2 hours seems about right.
My radiator is leaking and need to replace it. Is your spectra radiator good or should I get one from stealership? Also do you remember what it took to remove the radiator... How many bolts aside from upper and lower hoses do you remember what else had to come off or out to get the radiator out? Thank you in advance your time and assistance.
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