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Well, I decided I was going to replace the belt in my wife's KK with a Gatorback belt. It's one of those things I do when a used Jeep is added to the family. I then throw the old belt in the back with the spare tire jack. It's cheap insurance and if your belt goes, you're pretty much screwed. According to every website I searched, the proper Gatorback belt is 4060868. Well, that one wasn't going on no matter what I tried. It was clearly too short. Not even close even with the the tensioner maxed out. I ended up taking it back and getting 4060878 which is an inch longer. The last 3 digits in the part number refer to the I went from 86.8" to 87.8". 4060878 just barely made it on with the tensioner maxed out. I routed the new belt leaving it off the AC compressor only. With the right hand, I drew in the tensioner, and with the left I was able to get the belt up and over that AC pulley. BARELY.

Hopefully this saves someone a headache. :thumbsup:
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