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The good news is that the factory service manual I have been niggling for since I bought my '12 is now available and appears to be one available for each of all three model years, '11-'13.

To order contact and select Jeep - (your year) - (your model) - all engines - service manual.

For me the total cost was $164.90 including shipping, handling, and tax.

It is fits on a standard CD and is about 2/3 full. It contains everything you would expect in a factory service manual including removal-repair-install and full diagnostics information including relevant wiring information and expected sensor values. A surprise was that it also includes information on the 3.0 diesel available outside the US. Does not have '14 info or the 8-speed (is one CD for each year)

Taken together with the parts manual and the body manual available from wk2jeeps plus an index of sales codes and you have a pretty complete set of manuals you can take anywhere (English only). In many ways it is a lot like online service manuals available for several other cars.

The bad news: To be able to see/read everything I had to stand up a desktop with Windows XP sp3, and IE 6 (fortunately I have removable drives). It does work on my netbooks (win XP and Win 7) with IE 8 but I really need a 24" 1920x1080 screen to read the wiring diagrams.

Also three things are missing two of which even a scanned .pdf has (have ones for my Reattae):
- no print
- no search
- no zoom (essential for a smaller screen)

The other issue is that it seems to work only with Windows (have tried XP & 7) and Internet Explorer (6-8) but only works partially with Windows 8 and IE 10. In fact on my Windows 7-64 desktop returning from IE 10 to IE8 through an uninstall did not work (images show up as blank boxes).

What is going on is that over 2700 of the images, mostly wiring, are in something called Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg extension). There is no reason they could not have been .jpgs, just aren't.

The problem is that the included viewer/plugin is from Adobe c.a. 2005 and Adobe stopped supporting in 2009. And IE 10 does not support the plug-in. And the rest of the software ony works with Internet Explorer.

What this means is that it does not work on my Android tablets, it does not work on an iPad or MacBook, and does not work wth Firefox. While I can display the text and tables on my Win 8 tablet, the SVG images (e.g. all of the wiring diagrams) are just a black box.

Now TechAuthority has told me they are aware of the issue are working on a fix for this but what form it will take I have no idea. One possibility might be to use the Apache Batik Project to convert .svgs to .jpgs and remove the Internet Explorer only code so it will work on any platform and any browser. Not trivial but could be highly automated. Be easier for TA/CJF to just make it one big (or a series of linked) .pdfs.

So bottom line: it appears to have all of the information needed to diagnose and repair a WK2 but you have to know where things are, you can't just type in "P000D" and have it go to the fault (in fact you cannot type in anything, all is mouse driven).

By the available selections and fixed menus it iappears that this is part of a much larger package with many years and many carlines.

All of that said, it has what I need and appears unavailable elsewhere except as an online subscription and even though it is in an obsolete package it is usable. I have the resources to work with this. Just be aware of the limitations.

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Much appreciate the heads up Padgett, about time Jeep issued these.
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