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Our new Jeeps only come with one 12v power port that runs off the battery (the one in the console). I would like to have the one in the SD card area also run off the battery. Is there an easy way to change this? I know the manual refers to switching a fuse to change the one in the cargo area. It's not very clear. Anyone know exactly how to do it and if it is possible for the other ones?
Ha John to switch the 12v port in the cargo area to battery is easy go to the fuse box under the bonnet find the fuse for cargo area shows you in the book . When you see it there is 1extra space to the left of the fuse just move the fuse over and the socket is now running off the battery . FYI dealer has told me not good to run a fridge off as wiring is not heavy enough . The only way to have then run off battery is take it to an auto electrician and get it wired from the battery
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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