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You should need to charge the battery every night to get an efficient start each morning so as stated glow plugs and controller should be checked.

Also get your battery load tested and make sure it really is top condition. Don't just go by a multimeter reading. The 2.7 is even more voltage dependant all round than the petrol. Before trouble shooting anything on the 2.7 ensure the battery is spot on. A low battery can still start the car but trigger all sorts of fault codes.

You will find very few code readers other than the dealers that will diagnose the 2.7 properly. Even many good mechanic shops tools do not work properly and even less can diagnose gearbox faults. Even if they have a reader that appears to work don't believe everything you see.

Has it been starting fine till the cold weather, keep an eye out for air leak back in the fuel lines and pumps. There are several orings in the fuel system and any one can start causing hard starting with air bleeding in.

What ATF was used in the auto service, are you aware the MB spec fluid is different to the V8 boxes and can cause issues.

If I can put it up here you should check out the forum here in Australia. There are several 2.7 owners on the forum with a lot of issues covered, particularly with fueling and starting as well as spare parts sourcing. Knowledge on the 2.7 is limited and in fact over here even most dealers are in the dark about it.
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