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20" Nitto Terra Grapplers

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While waiting to order my '14 CRL Summit, I went to Discount to look at getting some more aggressive tires.

I drive about 35k+ a year, and go off road for work weekly and like to off road a every few months with family and friends. In the mud, the stok tires slick up instantly and i have been stuck a few times in my '12 GC. I hope not again.

Talking to my guy at Discount, the best option seemed to be the Nitto Terra Grapplers in the same size as the stock tires. He likes them, says they will last as long if not longer than the stock tires and with offset tread pattern should not be too loud.

Does anybody have experience with these on there GC? Since I drive so much I want to make sure I am not sacrificing road quality, wet traction and noise for the occasional romp in the mud and off roading trip.

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I'm rocking the Terra Grapplers on my 13' Overland. I love them! But, no way they will last longer than the goodyears. Just a far softer tire.

But, I highly recommend getting them. Quiet, comfy, makes the overland drive so much better.
I can't comment on the terra grapplers for a JGC, but I am on my second set on my GMC truck. Got 90K on the first set, mostly highway driving, consistent rotation and tire pressure. They were louder than the stock tires by a little bit, and they did get louder when the tread was wearing thin. Never were they too loud or annoying. They were great in the wet, snow, and dirt. I would highly recommend them, and will buy a set for the JGC when needed. Hope that helps.
I really like my Nitto's as well. Go for it.
I am looking into the same thing for my '13 overland, I am not having luck finding anything else comparable in stock size.
The Nitto Grapplers about the only A/T tire that comes in 20's in the stock overland size.

I wish Cooper would offer their Zeon LTZ in 265/50R20. We should have a large group from this forum petition them to compete with the Nitto's in stock size.
I have them in the stock size on my 2012 Overland and couldn't be happier. I took some pics and put them in this section about a month ago.
I have them in the stock size on my 2012 Overland and couldn't be happier. I took some pics and put them in this section about a month ago.
Hi There....have you got the link? I'm interested in the Nitto's here in Oz as they get a good review. Good on ya Mate!
No experience with the terra graps but im running the falken rocky mountains from discount tire. They are the renamed Wild Peaks. Price is excellent and reviews are favorable. I love them so far, great ride, traction, quiet and have a mileage guaranty.
the wild peaks come in stock size?? cant seem to find them
What's wrong with going up a size for the Cooper LTZ like I did? So worth it.
What's wrong with going up a size for the Cooper LTZ like I did? So worth it.
It would be better if cooper made the LTZ in stock size. We should petition them to do that. Then the speedo would not be off along with mileage calculations
speedo is off only 1.5-2 mph, and as far as mileage calculations go, i was on the turnpike recently and tracked it from mile tenth post to mile tenth post and it was spot on.
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What prices did ya'll pay for the Nitto Terra Grapplers? Cheapest I can seem to find is $173 each (before shipping ($60 for all 4) and tax) on More reputable source of Discount Tire Direct shows them for $197 each, shipping included.

Also, has anyone ever had luck in Discount Tire (or another shop) giving them some money back for the stock Fortera's? I'm at 12k miles, so I doubt I'd get a lot... but if I got Nitto I wouldn't want the Fortera's for any particular reason.

Any reviews from the Nitto Terra Grapplers from those that run them? I've found someone who is looking to sell 4 brand new ones for $650 total.

I've read reviews ranging from best tire ever, 70k miles... to others that say they're noisy, too soft, only got 30k out of them, etc.

Also, same question as in my last post - will Discount Tire buy your old tires?
I went ahead and ordered the Nitto Terra Grapplers from Discount today. I have only heard good about them and since I cant get the Goodyear Silent Armor in stock 20" size, this was my only option with out going to new 18" wheels, which I haven't Found one i like enough to spend the money on.

Discount will buy fairly new tires, but you are always better of selling them yourself on Craigslist. As my guy told me, they just don't sell too many used tires so no real market for them to buy them.
I also love the Terra Grapplers ! 275/55/R20 :thumbsup: on road and off , Great Tire and I also would agree that they are softer than the Goodyears and thats not a bad thing. :cool:



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Bart Man - cool pics.

How many miles do you have on yours?
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