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2005 Grand Cherokee aftermarket radio

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Alright, I have a 2005 grand Cherokee with no amp(I think), and I'm trying to pur in an aftermarket radio. I bought the Pac c2r-chy4 interface, I believe I hooked it up right, but obviously I didn't because once I plug it in my jeep dies. If I try without the interface connected, the radio does nothing. I've been trying for hours, I just have no idea what else to do.
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This is just my experience and my opinion so take it with a grain of salt... I have an aftermarket head unit, subs, amps, the whole works.. and I didn't use the interface. I hardwired my radio in the old fashioned way, with wire strippers and a soldering iron. I didn't even buy the harness adapter. I planned on buying the adapter but was in a hurry and decided go hardwire it. Everything works great, not a single issue with the sound, or the jeep itself.

I also have a 2005 GC Laredo. No steering wheel controls here either.
You don't know how many times I thought about putting a separate head unit in the glove box, a couple of amps under the back seats, and just forget about the piece of crap Chrysler calls a stereo. This canbus crap really pisses me off.
My head unit is in the factory location, but now that I think about it... I only hooked up power and ground to my head unit. I am bot using the factory amp or factory speakers so I ran rca cables back to my new amps so maybe that's part of why mine works without the interface module.
I am using a single din pioneer receiver, with a set of rca cables running to a massive audio 7 band eq, then from there i have 3 sets of rca cables running to my sub amp and my 4 channel amp. Front and rear door speakers an dash tweeters are run off the 4 channel and subs on a monoblock. All Rockford Fosgate stuff besides the eq and receiver.

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