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2005 Grand Cherokee aftermarket radio

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Alright, I have a 2005 grand Cherokee with no amp(I think), and I'm trying to pur in an aftermarket radio. I bought the Pac c2r-chy4 interface, I believe I hooked it up right, but obviously I didn't because once I plug it in my jeep dies. If I try without the interface connected, the radio does nothing. I've been trying for hours, I just have no idea what else to do.
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that one sucks IMO, bought one and had issues with "no sound" I actually figured out that drivers door had to be the last one closed or had to be closed when I shut the jeep off. If it wasn't, the next time I started the jeep, I'd have no sound out of my pioneer. Bought and Axxess interface....much better. I do still have the no sound problem, but now it's once/twice a year, as suppose to 3 times a week. Before I forget, make sure you splicing into the correct steering control wires. I think they are pink, but can't sure, it't been so long
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