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Hi All,

I just broke my 100,000 mile cherry on my 2005 WK with the 3.7L V6.:D My family has been a Jeep family for years but I ended up being the only one with a WK series Jeep...

I'm looking to do an in depth tune-up, since (as we all know) passing the 100,000 mile mark is the death of a Jeep or the sign it will last forever.

I have looked into replacing the EGR valve, PVC valve, Spark plugs, coolant system, and all basic fluids (tranny, diffs, steering, brake...)

Should I stick with OME spark plugs? Or throw down for nicer ones?

Anyone replace their EGR valve themselves?

I was hoping for any and all suggestions about a tune-up of this type.
Suggestions, warnings, alternatives, and/or additions?

Thanks for the advice everyone!:thumbsup:

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I just passed over 200k last weekend in my WK... she just wont stop running!

Stick to OE plugs... PERIOD. ALL others are just smoke and mirrors, obviously iridum and other long life plugs serve that purpose but all the E3 and 4 electrode sparkplugs are a joke and a waste of money not to mention Chrysler products can be REALLY picky on what plugs you use.

I don't have a 3.7l, pretty sure the EGR valve is in the same place as a 4.7l (drivers side head (bank 1) in the back), its not too terrible to get to.

It sounds like a good plan of action, my only suggestion would be to use OE fluids, use 5yr 100k Chrysler coolant, use atf+4 trans fluid. Diffs are a good suggested service if not done recently, generic 75w140 gear lube works in these. ATF+4 in the transfercase.

If you don't know if its been serviced I would suggest servicing it. Probably the biggest thing though is just to stay on top of it, if you get under there and see a leak, fix it, and she will love you long time!
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