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Hello everyone...

New to this forum so if I am doing this wrong please let me know.
My Jeep has been doing something odd lately.

After my Jeep heats up, while accelerating between 600rpms and
1000rpms it will make a tapping or knocking sound that can be felt
In the gas pedal. If I put it in neutral it will still make the same
Tapping/knocking as it does while accelerating.

It does not do this after 1000rpms or while idling. Just that brief
Two seconds when hitting the gas. Also popping the hood and
Listening while someone else taps the gas does not make the
Tapping/knocking sound audible. Just in the cab and only while
Trying to rev the engine.

The jeep is a 2wd 3.7L and has 100k on it.

If this has happened to you or know of anything please let me know.
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