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Have a gremlin. I found the front headlight level sensor on the Upper Control arm of my 2008 WH. My problem is my factory HIDs are throwing the light in the lowest position. Sometimes they will cycle, but from 4 days ago, the lights will end up at the lowest position. I put it on the AutoEnginuity and went to the headlight level module, I cycled it to the maximum position, and it went, I cycled it to lowest position and it went. so the actual control relay works, its just getting a fault from bad data. I looked up the sensor 55079007AE and it retails for over $300...if it was $30 I would probably buy one but that price is nuts. AutoEnginuity module shows this. Is there any way to repair the sensor? could it be water ingress?

I cleared the code and it popped up again

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