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Hey all. Maybe someone could help me out...
The issue: little to no heat in the car for a couple of years now, marginally better on the passenger side. If I'm driving and turn the heat on, I get a 60 second burst of warm air that turns cool. Would love to not pay someone $800 to rip my car apart to change a $75 heater core, but it is what it is. There are no identifyable leaks in the cooling system.
I am not a mechanic, but this what I've done:
-Changed the thermostat. Couple of weeks ago the car started getting hot in traffic. New thermostat solved that problem, but not the heat issue.
-Blend door actuator seemed to be stuck, which I thought was great news and an easy solution. Freed it up and now it seems to react to the heat dial. Still no heat tho.
-Flushed the heater core. Burped the system. The outlet hose seems to get a little warmer than it did before, but still not even close to as hot as the inlet hose.

Are there any more easy troubleshoots I can try?

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