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Hello guys,

I am new here and this is my first post. I've done quite a bit of research the last couple weeks on Jeeps and this forum really is a ton of help. Anyways onto my post. I have as my title states a 2011 Jeep grand cherokee Laredo 4x4 hemi. I am from Illinois near chicago. (I will post pics shortly).

I am here for some advice with exhaust. I have a couple options and I'd like to see if i can get some feedback.

Option A.
Leave the stock resonator and install 2 40series flowmasters in place of existing mufflers.

Option B.
Remove 2 stock mufflers, and resonator and in the resonators place put in a magnaflow muffler. ( because it will fit better then a flowmaster)

Option C.
Leave it alone and buy a complete catback system (expensive and will have to wait a while)

I understand the whole drone from the MDS and what not and I am ok with a little drone but not rediculous. I also do not want to wake the neighbors when i leave for work at 5am in the morning LOL.

I also am not opposed to any other exhaust system but I'd like to keep it reasonable in price.

The place i will be have doing it is a buddies friend and he advised me that if i installed the flowmaster from option A i will get a heck of a resonance because there is no pipe after the muffler (I don't know how true that is). Anyways any advice would be great and of course whatever I decide I will upload videos/sound so future people wondering will have another idea.

Thanks a ton!

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Based on other similar threads, I would suggest starting with Option A as the resonators help with the drone challenge. It still should give you a little more grunt for lowest cost, and leave you to expore Option B or C down the line if so desired.
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