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Because of number of parts needed and the cost I think no one has tried it yet but someone will as time goes by.

Parts list alone is kinda big and that is why it may pay off to just wait for a used one to show up and hope that the previous owner didn't drive it like he stole it.

Rear hatch spoiler
Rocker moulding (side skirts)
Front and Rear fender mouldings (wheel arch flares)
Front grille
Front bumper cover and parts (fog lights, LED DRL's Lower grille trim rings, lower grille mesh etc.)
Rear bumper cover and associated parts.

That is just the short list of parts to make it look like an SRT 8

If you are more ambitious then there is the interior trim and seats

and then there is the SRT brakes and exhaust tips
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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