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A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a used '11 base white WK2 Laredo E. After spending way too much time on this (and other) sites researching WK2s, I promptly went into mod-mode. Here's a list of completed and planned upgrades in progress:

1) Tinted the front windows to match the rear (15%). I also had the brow done at the same time but decided I didn't care for it and took it off w/ a hair dryer. Ooops.

2) Switched out the manual climate controls for the automatic controls. Huge difference.

3) Ripped out the Uconnect 130/Res stereo and replaced it with a Kenwood DNX890HD navi and rear view camera. At some point, upgraded speakers are in order, but these will have to wait.

4) Ordered the OEM satin/hypersilver 20" Overland wheels from 2011-2013 to replace the OEM 17" Laredo aluminum wheels. Will be selling the Laredo wheels once the new shoes are in.

5) Upgrading the tires to Nitto Terra Grapplers, stock size of 265 50r20. Would have liked to go up a size, but I'm far too anal about the speedometer/odometer being out of whack and the reduced gas mileage as this WK2 has a few road trips planned in the near future! Looking forward to both seeing how the Terra Grapplers look and perform in comparison to the Goodyear Forteras on the 17" wheels. Should make a huge visual difference, anyway.

6) Just purchased the black Altitude grille and black liftgate handle from justforjeeps. This will certainly have the biggest visual impact of all.

7) Everything else I want to do has to do with trim pieces. I think I'd like to add chrome fog bezels and chrome mirror caps. I'm not sure if this will clash with the black Altitude grille or not. I'll wait until the black grille is on to decide.

8) I definitely want to remove the chrome side door moldings and replace with either black or white Grand Cherokee emblems.

9) Also, finally, I need to add the chrome door sills and step plates.

That should be enough for now!! I neglected to take any pictures of the Jeep at the time of purchase, but I found a few online that match my exact Jeep before the upgrades. I'll add pics as it all comes together!




stole this one from this site, but this was my black dash before the ACC and radio upgrade
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