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I just saw some videos on how we should be changing the fuel filter on our vehicles every now and then. It looked like a relatively easy change, but my problem is after doing Google and JeepGarage forum searches I came up empty -- no location or part. I looked at auto parts stores and again, no fuel filter. Certainly the 2011-2013 must have a fuel filter. I looked under my vehicle and followed the fuel line as best I could and didn't find it. I have a V8 5.8L gas engine.

Could one of you very experienced people shed some light on this problem or maybe point me to a diagram or schematic? Are fuel filters universal so they're not on the Mopar parts site? Do the cars just not have one? I'm just at a loss as to why there's no information other than one for the WJ and the WK2 3.0L diesel version.

Thanks in advance.
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